What We Do

QuantBio’s overall mission is to find the optimal patient population for oncology therapeutics through biomarker discovery using:

  • Machine learning/AI
  • Statistical Analysis

QuantBio provides bioinformatics research teams for pre-clinical and clinical analyses with a focus on oncology therapeutics. We work with clients to complete their goals, whether it’s a large-scale project or just a few specialized tasks. We assemble tailored teams with subject-matter experts best suited for the project’s goals, with research partners spanning the globe. Our style is to not just provide a service but to act as scientific collaborators.

In addition to our analytical services, all our clients benefit from:

  • Our specialized knowledge of oncology/immunology related bioinformatics
  • Our extensive experience with machine learning and biomarker discovery
  • Our large repository of public -omics datasets organized and stored for easy access and analytics, including:
    • Bulk Tumor Data
      • Gene Expression
      • Mutation Calls
      • Copy Numbers
      • Methylation
      • Proteomics
    • Numerous organized and formatted single cell RNA-seq data sets from a variety of different cancer types and platforms
    • Drug sensitivity data in cell lines and associated large-scale molecular assays
  • Automated tools
    • Cloud-based NGS processing workflows
      • RNA-seq alignment and transcript quantification
        • Human
        • Mouse
          • PDX
      • Mutation calling
      • Copy Number
    • Automated analytical scripts which enhance analytical efficiency