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Machine Learning

Modeling for classification and biomarker discovery

Statistical Analysis

Performing statistical tests to answer hypotheses

Data Mining

Using proprietary and public data to perform cohort characterization and identify biomarkers

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We work with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies from around the globe.

About QuantBio

      QuantBio is a bioinformatics consulting company with a focus on scientific excellence. We act as scientists for clients, investigating problems and helping to answer and generate hypotheses. QuantBio specializes in analytics, and specifically drug development, both pre-clinical and clinical.

      Sara Selitsky, PhD, is the founder and CEO of QuantBio. She is an Assistant Professor at the University of North Carolina in the Cancer Center’s Bioinformatics Core. Her research focuses on cancer genomics, immunology, and virology. Sara has worked as a bioinformatics consultant for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies since 2014, specializing in data analytics for drug development.

      QuantBio partners with other consultants with years of post-graduate experience in genomics and bioinformatics.

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