Bioinformatics Consulting Service

Experienced scientific partners that deliver quality results faster!
  • Bioinformatics analytics consulting company who act as scientific partners
  • Specialists in analysis of genomics, oncology, immunology, virology, and other biomedical fields
  • Large repository of publicly available data which enables more efficient analyses
  • Automated analytical tools for target characterization and biomarker discovery
  • Cloud-based next generation sequencing data processing workflows

Meet the team

Accelerating drug development and discovery

Helping you reduce costs and increase flexibility

We're a bioinformatics analytics consulting company who acts as a scientific partner

We’re a select team of highly skilled bioinformaticians. We provide flexible, custom, and thorough scientific analyses.

Areas of expertise:
  • Genomics analysis
  • Statistical analysis
  • Machine learning
  • Oncology, immunology, virology
  • Algorithms
  • Cloud environment
  • Data visualization


Custom bioinformatics analysis and research

We assemble tailored teams with subject-matter experts best suited for each project’s goals

Frequently requested services

  • Differential expression and pathway analysis from gene expression data
  • Tumor microenviroment characterization
  • Creating reproducible, containerized workflows and analytical processes

Single cell RNA-seq analyses

We’ve created a single cell processing and analysis workflow, QBStanAnnDEX, which allows for efficient single cell RNA-seq analyses

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Better understand your drug target of interest

Utilizing public or proprietary data, we can characterize your target of interest using both existing QB tools and by performing custom analyses

Personalized drug treatments

We specialize in determining the optimal patient population for your drug of interest

  • Biomarker discovery
  • Indication selection
  • Pan-cancer analysis
  • Association with clinical outcomes

Our data repository

We’ve vetted, processed, and aggregated genomics data from tens of thousands of cancer samples for efficient access and analyses

Gene Expression


Mutation Calls

Copy Numbers



Numerous single-cell RNA-Seq data sets vetted and ready for analysis from a variety of different cancer types and platforms


Drug sensitivity data

Knockout, knockdown screens